Friday, February 4, 2011

Anterior Core Progressions

(now with working video)

The plank is a phenomenal exercise.  The problem is, I see little to no logic in having someone perform a standard plank for more than 45-60 seconds.  Once someone has a 60-second plank mastered, it's time to progress.  I honestly don't get it when trainers have their clients hold a 3-minute plank!
  1. It's boring
  2. You are no longer increasing your abdominal strength this point, but working on muscular endurance instead (which isn't going to build that rock-solid midsection you're looking for). 
This is the most comprehensive tutorial on core progressions I've put together for the public, so be sure to check this out.  Granted, this is a progression protocol for the standing rollout (in my opinion, one of the top "core" exercises one can perform), as there are many, MANY other varieties of core training one can undergo.  However, this should keep you busy for quite a while.

My mission in this industry is to rid the ridiculous notion of people futilely attempting to sit-up their way to a strong midsection.  Performing the exercises in the video will be a much better way for you obtain your goal of a strong, functional abdominal wall.  

Be sure you have mastered the plank position before progressing.  It's near-pointless to jump the gun with these.  Nonetheless, I'm sure you'll find some exercises to spice up your routine; or - if you've been having a tough time with standing rollouts - this progression will help get you there. 

Oh, and this goes without saying, but these exercises will do nothing for you - from a physique standpoint - if you haven't cleaned up your act in the kitchen.  You can do ab exercises until you bleed, and still fail to obtain a six-pack if you don't have things locked-in outside of the gym.  Nevertheless, when combined with sound nutrition habits, these exercises will further enhance your performance or your physique goals, whatever they may be.

Hope you enjoy!


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