Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stuff to Read

I'm currently putting together a video on some anterior core progressions, and in the meantime I thought I'd pass along these reads I'm sure you'll enjoy/learn something from:

Want to be a Personal Trainer or Strength Coach?  Start Here.  by Eric Cressey 
I know many people who enjoy training of some degree have had the thought of "maybe I'll start training people" pass through their minds many times.  If this is you, read this. 

Throw Away Your Scale by Tony Gentilcore
I think almost everyone, especially females, should throw away their scale.  This is a great short read.

CrossFit Qualms in the Running World by Carson Boddicker
I've literally had people scoff at me when I tell them I don't do CrossFit.  While this post isn't close to all-encompassing, it does to a great job at expressing some qualms with making CrossFit a staple in your running routine, or any routine for that matter.  (I'm not saying CrossFit is completely worthless - I think there are definitely a few things they do correctly - I'm just saying it would be illogical to make it a staple of any sound training regimen). 

Monday Motivation: What's Your Excuse? by Ben Bruno
Ben is a beast and I always enjoy the things he posts.  This is a great one for those of you who frequently "can't train" because of time, schedule, or whatever excuse is deemed necessary to avoid moving around a bit.  I think this short article can help give you a kick in the pants when you feel like "you just can't train today."

And last, but not least, I just saw this video on Cressey's site and thought I'd embed it here for your all's amusement.  It's hilarious, and, unfortunately, quite indicative of most personal trainers out there.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are personal trainers out there doing many things correctly.  In fact, my girlfriend works as a personal trainer and I would trust her with writing/delivering a program more than many people with a CSCS (she has a CSCS, but I hope you get my basic point). 

The sad truth is that many personal trainers aren't too far from this hot-shot:

That's it for today.

I really do appreciate all of you that read this site regularly; I've realized that for some reason people like to read what I have to say, so I'll continue to keep some great ones headed your way!  Stay tuned.


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