Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This is your body on skinny dust....and this is your body on SAPT....

"Walker pitched his first inning tonight since, oh, about June 1.

The batters had no chance. zip. zero. nada. He was throwing, I believe, mid-80s. 3 batters, no contact. not even a foul tip. My jaw was on my knees.

No pain, good to go, unbelievable.

We owe this in large part to you." 

-Dave (father of one of our high school baseball guys)

One of the best parts of my job is seeing/hearing about real-world improvements outside of the gym with the kids/adults I coach, as a result of their hard work inside SAPT.

It seems that whenever I'm having a rough day I'll get an email from a parent telling me that his daughter is now hitting balls out of the park, when it rarely happened before she trained at SAPT.  Or that she is able to pitch longer into the game without fatiguing.  Or a parent's son has markedly improved prowess on the lacrosse field because of his increased size and strength.  Or even, a high school boy now has more confidence walking down the halls of his high school because he's no longer the "shy and skinny kid."

These emails make my 10-12 hour workdays worth it.

Chris - the strength coach I work with - posted this on the SAPT website the other day, so I thought I would share it with those here.  It's about one of high school baseball pitchers, Walker (his "Before and After" picture is below):

Readers, meet Walker.  Walker came to us about a year and a half ago 130lbs soaking wet with rocks in his pockets and was your typical goofy left-handed pitcher.  Walker will tell you he couldn't throw his fastball through a wet paper bag. 

Fast forward a year and a half and Walker is still your typical goofy lefty but can now take your lunch money tipping the scales at 190lbs on a bad day, and throws consistently in the mid 80's.  Now let me see, that's 1,2,3...60 freakin' pounds of functional, posteriorly focused mass!  Did I mention Walker is only a sophomore?


Walker has worked his ass off every single training session year round...and he ate a bunch, too.  He'll be with us 2x/week through the season, and I guarantee you that he won't just maintain, but he'll make progress during this time period.

Walker, if you're reading this, and your head is just about floating out the roof of your house, you have a long way to go my friend.  By next season, you'll be 210lbs, equipped with a fastball that will penetrate bullet-proof glass.


Again, this is what happens when you combine impeccable focus from the athlete and quality programming/training from the strength coach.  Walker walks into the SAPT ready to go every time. 

He doesn't check his cell phone, he doesn't look around to see what other people are doing/thinking, he just walks in, grabs his program, and gets it done. 

This is also what happens when you don't use ridiculous training methods such as BOSU balls and 30 minutes on a "speed ladder" each session.  It annoys me to see "performance coaches" stealing money left and right from people who (unfortunately) don't know how to recognize a bogus training program when they see one. 

Anyway, I'm done.  Walker's before and after photo's speak for themselves.


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