Thursday, November 4, 2010

Exercises You've Never Tried

The following is a BB Glute Bridge, performed against band resistance (the movement becomes more difficult as you near the top as it places more tension on the bands). This is a great exercise for athletes, runners, and and recreational lifters alike as it's phenomenal for strengthening the glutes; the most powerful hip extensors in the body!

Also, enjoy as it is shot in the HD camera I recently purchased so I can post a lot more video blogs!

However, one definitely needs to know how to properly use their glutes before performing an exercise such as this. Otherwise, the low back will take over the force production, defeating the entire purpose of the exercise and eventually leading to injury. I used a progression similar to the one featured in this article, working from bodyweight glute exercises to weighted glute exercises.

Also, just for kicks, here is Anna (one our "ankle biter" athletes) working some triple extension with a Bullseye Tire Throw!


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