Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Client Testimonial: Guest Blog Post

Ron, one of "Oldies," is working toward improved body composition (not weight-loss, but fat loss), increased performance for daily living, and improved health and well-being. When viewing his dramatic results, keep in mind he has only been on this plan for 3-weeks!

"Miracle Workers

As many people do when they approach 50 years old, I started thinking about my health and fitness. I wasn’t happy with my assessment. Being a career military officer fitness was always important, but after my retirement and the start of a new job I had let myself go. I could barely do 10 push-ups. It was time to do something. That’s when the SAPT miracle workers took over.

After seeing the incredible progress my daughters had made at SAPT, I decided to join the SAPT “Oldies” program. My goal was simple – be the strongest I have ever been in my life and bench press 225 pounds by the time I hit 50.

The SAPT staff (Sarah, Chris, and now Steve) started me out on a program that I am convinced has saved my life (most certainly has lengthened it). The individual fitness program they designed slowly and surely started to bring me back. I got stronger, more flexible and more energetic each week. In merely 7 months working out twice a week I went from struggling to do 10 push-ups to achieving my goal of bench pressing 225 by my birthday last January. It wasn’t the most technically perfect bench press you’ve ever seen, but I got it up. I was officially stronger than I’d ever been in my life.

A few weeks ago, I started a combined fitness and diet program at SAPT to try and improve my body composition and my overall health. Steve, along with Sarah and Chris, did an initial assessment of my diet by having me keep track of everything I ate or drank for a week – a real eye opener for me and not in the good sense. Steve then provided me a diet plan including everything from a shopping list to menus and recipes. On the program I eat five meals a day (harder than it sounds) and I’ve increased the number and intensity of my workouts. In the end my goal is to reduce my overall body fat to less than 15% while maintaining my strength.

Although I’ve only been on the program for about three weeks, the results have been stunning. I have reduced my overall cholesterol in that time from around 220 to 168. My HDL (“good” cholesterol) level has increased (good) and my LDL level has decreased. My triglyceride and blood sugar levels were both good and my blood pressure went down from borderline hypertension to normal. My doctor, who had been discussing the potential need for me to take cholesterol medication, was amazed by the results. I’ve got nine more weeks to go in the initial program and I can’t wait to see what other “miracles” are in store.

The individual attention to each client’s physical condition, along with their expert knowledge and experience of working with athletes at all levels, is something that sets SAPT apart from all others. Sarah, Chris and Steve are consummate professionals. While the results I have achieved seem like miracles to me, I guess the reality is that Sarah, Chris and Steve just really know what they are doing. But in my estimation, they really are miracle workers.

Ron Reed, 50"

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