Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quick and Critical Nutrition Tip

Pre-chop your veggies.

I was introduced to this novel concept by Dr. Berardi (of the Precision Nutrition System) during my senior year of college.  It has absolutely revolutionized the way I cook and prepare my meals for the week.

Let's be honest: it's very difficult to get in a healthy dose of vegetables each day.  They take a long time to prepare (be it chopping up peppers, onions, broccoli, etc.) and it can be tough to find a way to make them taste so good that we look forward to eating them.  Most of us (if it were healthy for us) would rather just reach for a bar of chocolate.  Easy.  Tastes great.  No preparation needed. 

Actually, wait.  Many of us do that anyway, even though it's not healthy.  

Unfortunately, if we're seeking a body that works for us and prepares us for the day with a tank full of energy and mental clarity (not to mention, looks better to boot), we can't be lazy and just do "what's easy." 

The best (and easiest) way to make sure I have PLENTY of vegetables to get me through the week is to pre-chop them in advance (usually on a Sunday afternoon).  I then put them all in a Tupperware container and, Voila!  I have them all ready to put in a stir-fry, toss in with some scrambled eggs, use them as a side dish, you name it.  

Below are two pictures I took yesterday from my kitchen.  The first is a frying pan with a bunch of chopped veggies in it, and next to it is the Tupperware container I use to store my vegetables.  The second picture is after I added some black beans to the mix.

I'll usually throw a bunch of spices (garlic, chili powder, italian seasoning, etc.) on them as well, so they actually taste good!

I use the Vidalia Chop Wizard (you can order it off amazon), which my girlfriend gave me for Christmas a couple years ago.  This thing is AWESOME, and it will cut your meal-prep time down by 500%. 

So, that's it.  Short and Sweet.  Pre-chop your vegetables and you'll have no excuse for failing to get that healthy dose of vitamins and minerals your body needs each week.

P.S.  My girlfriend got the idea of giving me the chop wizard from Tony Gentilcore.  He's an awesome (and hilarious) writer, so if you're not following him already then shame on you!  He wrote two VERY comprehensive posts on how to get-it-done in the kitchen.  I highly encourage you to check out Part 1 and Part 2)


Scott said...

That's cheating Steve, akin to using a garlic press. Use a chefs knife like a man.

Stevo said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the love Scott. I'll bust out the chefs knife for a special occasion.

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