Monday, October 25, 2010

Workout While Traveling

This past weekend I took a trip to Blacksburg to visit some friends/family, and I had some time to spare on Saturday afternoon (almost everyone was at the VT football game). It was a beautiful day, so I took my sister's homemade suspension trainer out to a field for a quick workout. I performed the following in circuit fashion:

A1) 10 Chinups
A2) 20 Suspended Pushups
A3) 10 Jump Squats
A4) 10 Squats
A5) 10 Inverted Rows
A6) 10 Rear-foot elevated/suspended Split Squats per leg
A7) 10 Rollouts

I went through it 3 times, with no rest between exercises. The entire workout took less than 15 minutes, hit a ton of muscle, got my heart rate up, and I got to enjoy the Fall weather while doing so.

This isn't to say I always train when I travel, but at the same time one doesn't need to spend $10 on a guest fee for a gym in order to exercise a bit while on the road. It took little to no time out of my afternoon, and if anything it helped "ramp up" my energy levels before going out for the evening.

The point is, it was fun and I didn't have to lock myself inside a gym to do it. Feel free to give it a shot, whether or not you're traveling!


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