Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some quick updates

So I apologize for the reduction in content as of late.  Even though it is Spring time (our slowest time of the year at SAPT, as the majority of our athletes play a Spring sport), a few other things at SAPT have really picked up.

We recently launched a distance-coaching program in which those who can't (because of geography or finances) train at SAPT more than 1x/week.  We've been pretty busy putting together our online video database, complete with various exercises and the most important coaching cues we use, and ironing out some of our programming templates.  

In short, it has been a SWEET addition to help more people experience our system of becoming awesome.

For now, in case you're not reading his site already, I'd like to direct you to Ben Bruno's Blog.  He has basically created a fitness google, in which he compiles TONS of great articles from some of the top names in the fitness industry (and some schmuck named Stevo is on there, too).  Ben is also one freakishly-strong dude, so his training updates are always very inspiring to read/watch.

Check it out HERE!  If you have access to free-roaming internet at work, this will keep you busy for the rest of the workday.  I'm serious!

I'll be back tomorrow with some more great content!  Be well.


Tim said...

Some good reads on that blog. I'm reading about strength circuits and also about whether metabolic workouts are good for burning fat or not. So interesting. I was always told you couldn't simultaneously build muscle and cut fat.

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