Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Your dose of Awesome for the day

This is just amazing. Below is a guy, Tom Martin, deadlifting 771 pounds (350kg) at a bodyweight of 181. This broke the old world record deadlift at the 181lb weight class. He's only 23 years old, and is in a drug-tested federation. My favorite part about this video is his reaction when he breaks the world record on the 350kg pull: he just calmly walks off the platform like he came to simply get business done. The 2:45 mark in the video is where he hits it.

While I'm on the subject of beastly people, here is are two awesome training videos of Ross Enamait. This man is strong as an ox (the deadlift he hits in the second video is 550lbs+) and, at the same time, possesses an incredible work capacity. I love watching this guy's stuff because he trains only in his home garage and outside. He completely defenestrates the notion that you have to have access to a "nice facility" in order to stay in shape and become strong. He's a great example to those that make excuses for why they don't train (ex. "the gym is too far away," etc.). I actually used a lot of this guy's training methods in preparing for the Mud Run race back in August. And, if I may "toot my own horn," the suspension straps he's using in the second video were constructed using the tutorial of yours truly :)

If you only watch 5 seconds of this video, watch him do full-range sissy hams with a weighted vest at the 2:37 mark!

I hope these videos got you pumped up to train today!


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