Monday, November 29, 2010

1st Annual SAPT Thanksgiving Lift

Yesterday, we hosted the 1st Annual SAPT Thanksgiving Lift! It was an awesome turnout, with 25-30 people in attendance. It really struck me yesterday how incredible the atmosphere is that’s being cultivated at SAPT. Thanksgiving, to me at least, represents family, and spending time with those that we love (if we’re blessed to be able do so). The fact that 25+ athletes (middle school, high school, and college) and parents joined together – at 7AM on Thanksgiving morning - speaks volumes of the culture that exists within SAPT. After all, those few and far between weekday “off days” are extremely coveted by most, so you must really love the people you’re with if you voluntarily wake up to spend two and a half hours with them on Thanksgiving morning!

Check out the video below to catch a glimpse of the morning:

Some highlights:

-At 0:08 you can see Chris and his (relatively) new bride foam rolling together (on the same roller) to prepare for the lift. Awesome.

-At 0:52 you'll see Kayla - one of our athletes who was a high school All-American wrestler, and now is doing very well as a freshman wrestling at King College - pairing up with Sarah to battle the ropes together. Even though Sarah recently had a baby, she can still hang with the young guns!

-At 1:11 you can catch a glimpse of Chris's loaded barbell in the corner (he was showing the boys how to conventional pull 450+ with ease).

-At 1:20, Conrad, Leonard and I were rotating on the thick bar to do weighted chinups/pullups. Leonard (although it wasn't filmed) hit a +50lb pullup! He couldn't do a single proper pullup when he first showed up at SAPT, so this demonstrates enormous progress! Conrad and I battled it out working over 100lbs, and he gets the victory as his age alone (not to mention he has a torn rotator cuff!) adds at least 75lbs to his chinup, in contest against a 24-year old.

-At 1:40, Kelsey is working the posterior chain via BB glute bridges. As noted in the video, she has torn labrums in both of her hips. Typically, hip extension exercises (straightening the hips) are more friendly on the hips - compared to exercises involving higher degrees of hip flexion (ex. squatting or lunging) - when there's a labral issue involved. As you can see, it's still possible to maintain a training effect even while injured.

And, last but not least, my sister, Jenn, (returning from nursing school to lift with us) is pictured below holding Arabella. Sarah and Ryan mentioned Jenn was the first person who was able to hold Arabella without her crying (sign of a future successful nurse, anyone?). I'm sure I may lose my Man-Card for saying this, but Arabella looked insanely cute in that bear outfit:



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