Monday, December 7, 2009

Create Your Own Suspension Trainer!

I'm finally putting this up. I hope it is easy to follow and if you have any questions feel free to email me. A few pointers:
  • You can buy the straps online (Amazon) or at a local department store (Home Depot). They're usually found under "lashing straps" or "utility straps"
  • Be sure the strength (usually it will say "working load/limit" on the package) of the lashing/utility strap is greater than the weight of yourself or anyone that uses it
  • As you make the handles, be sure to position the straps (as you slide them through the buckles) so that as you hang from it, the strap won't slide through the buckle (if you mess it up, you'll notice quickly but it won't be tough to redo it)
  • In the video, I used just normal rope for the foot-loops, but I find that climbing rope works a bit better (the knot stays put easier)
  • Here is a link (I mentioned in the video) on how to tie a bowline will be a bit easier to see how it's done here. Again, you don't have to use it, but I find it the most practical for this particular scenario: Bowline Knot
All-in-all, I think this is one of the best tools you can use for travel or spur-of-the-moment workouts where you may not have access to a gym. All you need to do is find a playground (pullup bars or monkey bars often work well), or a tree with a horizontal branch high enough for you to attach it to. You can also take it into a gym and use it for core training at the end of your routine, or incorporate some suspended exercises into a metabolic conditioning circuit.

I can post some videos on sample routines you can do with it as well so you can grasp a better picture of how to actually utilize it. The TRX website also lists a lot of great exercises you can use it for: Fitness Anywhere


Mark Martene said...

Thanks so much for this video. Kelsey got me hooked on the TRX. Now I can have one for home.

Erik said...

Just a suggestion, there is an easier knot to tie for this purpose. Its called the perfection loop, , we use it in fly fishing because it will hang straight even when limp.

Cool piece of equipment though, I definately want to try it out.

Stevo said...

@Mark - No problem! I know Kelsey really enjoyed teaching the class you were in and best of luck to you!

@Erik - Thanks for the suggestion on the knot man, I'll definitely have to try that one out.

Will said...

Hey thanks so much for putting up this video, just a question though, could you post up the link to the link you got the straps from i.e. length etc? I live in the uk and the amazon here doesn't have many straps for me to choose (I hope I can find the right strap), and also it's quite far from any hardware stores around here. And did you say "Carabeater"? I don't know what that is, could you gimme the spelling of it so I could find it?

Thanks again :D

Stevo said...

Hey Will, I responded to your question on the youtube page, and just saw your comment here. Also, Ross Enamait of recently made a suspension trainer usuing my tutorial, and posted some extra details along with a video of him using it. If you go to it's under his Jan 13th entry on the main page. Hopefully this is helpful as well.

HT said...

Nice job on the vid.

linda said...

just made a suspension trainer.. my god.. fabulous. i sewed everywhere that was to be tied... looks so pro.. going to use it tomorrow at the gym.... thanks again.. luv it

Anonymous said...

stevo thanks for the tutorial. One question though. I fed the straps through correctly but when i set them at a particular length they seem to slide still. any help would be great. thanks! thing is awesome


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